Virtuoso’s Recent Announcement: Meet the New General Managers for Asia Pacific Region

Virtuoso has announced the appointment of two new general managers to support its expansion in the Asia Pacific region, according to a press release. Greg Treasure. Raymond Ang has been appointed as General Manager for South East and North Asia.

Greg Treasure, joining Virtuoso on March 4th, has been named General Manager for Australia and New Zealand, replacing Fiona Dalton as she transitions to a consultancy role. He will be in charge of business planning and financial performance. His experience includes various executive leadership roles at HRG Travel in Australia, Asia Pacific, North America, and Latin America.

Raymond Ang will step into his role in April, overseeing operations in Southeast and North Asia. Ang’s background includes extensive experience in travel industry business development across the Asia Pacific, offering a broad understanding of the region’s market dynamics.

As Treasure joins Virtuoso’s Sydney office, Ang will join the Singapore office, and both will report to Michael Londregan, senior vice president of Global Operations at Virtuoso.

Londregan commented on this announcement: “Virtuoso continues to invest in its global growth by bringing in talented leadership to serve the unique business needs of our members and partners in a given region. For Australia and New Zealand, Greg Treasure will continue to drive value in this well-established market that has set the standard for Virtuoso’s regional operations. He added: “We deeply appreciate Fiona’s impact on the market, and we’re excited that her decision to transition to consultancy allows her to spend more time with her family and friends. For South East and North Asia, the opportunities for growth are endless. With the region estimated to be the fifth largest economy in the world by 2030, we are excited to explore the incredible development potential it represents, with Raymond Ang helping lead the way.”

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