Revelation of an Innovative Futuristic Cruise Ship Concept by Shipyard

The Meyer Werft shipyard unveils a new futuristic cruise ship concept, showing the possibility of future designs.

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The popular Meyer Werft has unveiled its 2024 vision for the future of cruise ship design. The shipbuilder has released a new concept every year since 2021, which introduces design and construction features that later influence cruise ship production.

The latest concept from the Papenburg, Germany-based shipbuilders, called ORIGIN, represents a change from conventional cruise ship designs, with a streamlined look and an innovative slide-out lounge.

Meyer Werft upholds a distinguished reputation in design and innovation as the global leader in cruise ship construction. Since 2021, the firm annually introduces new concepts, indicating its vision towards the future of cruise ship building.

For this year, the team has introduced a concept referred to as ORIGIN. This concept diverges significantly from conventional cruise ship design and function. It provides a glimpse into a vastly different future from our present cruise ships, such as the latest LNG-powered cruise ships.

The ship presents a sleek, contemporary design that strays from the conventional “ship-like” interior and exterior. The ship’s shape and layout are innovative, designed for easy mobility and to meet prospective requirements.

A key highlight of this avant-garde ship is the Sky Lounge. This innovative area is designed to extend outward, optimizing the internal space and providing passengers with a unique experience. The lounge can be retracted back into the ship’s hull, reducing wind resistance.

“A highlight is the Sky Lounge: it extends to the outside and maximizes the interior of the lounge, while offering a unique “flying above the sea” experience. Wind resistance is minimized as soon as the lounge retreats to the ship, providing a unique experience at sea,” the shipyard states in a post on its Facebook page.

Meyer Werft’s approach with ORIGIN is a step away from the propulsion and power generation innovation that we’ve seen onboard concept ships in the last years and instead focuses on making cruise ships more efficient. If an impressive vessel like this were ever constructed, it would use the most up-to-date technologies at that time.

Meyer Werft states: “By the way, technical details such as the drive and the energy concept were deliberately left open. Depending on the year of construction, the current state of the technology would be installed.”

Yet, when it comes to ‘traditional’ shipbuilding, ORIGIN does lack ‘normal’ ship features such as a wrap-around deck or balconies. Not too worry, Meyer Werft’s concepts have always been far removed from the norm, while many aspects do find their way into new ships.

Those who think that Meyer Werf’s concepts are just a fun diversion from the normal. They might be mistaken. The shipyard’s innovative designs provide a preview of the future of cruising. Many of these proposed innovations have been incorporated into actual ship construction, especially in their own shipyards in Germany and Finland.

In 2021, Meyer Werft presented a 12,000-passenger trimaran cruise ship. It shares several features such as unique neighborhoods and an outdoor park with the current largest cruise ship in the world, Icon of the Seas. This colossal ship was constructed by Meyer Turku.

In 2022, the company revealed a private yacht concept, the TWO10. This design featured sustainable propulsion methods that have since been incorporated into cruise ships. For instance, fuel cells and battery systems are now found on-board Silversea’s Silver Nova.

Last year, Meyer Werft unveiled Reverse. This concept emphasized sustainable and eco-friendly cruise ship design. It further illustrated the potential of utilizing wind and solar energy in cruise ship construction.

As ORIGIN moves from concept to potential reality, we can be fairly certain that we will be seeing some of the designs onboard the cruise ships of the future.

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