The Common Mistake Cruise Ship Passengers Make that Comes Off as Pretentious: Insights from a Three-Year Veteran

A former cruise ship employee has shed light on the common mistake made by passengers while on board.

Tammy Barr, a travel expert who spent three years working on cruise ships, noticed numerous frequent mishaps made by guests.

As a seasoned cruiser, she insists that there are certain things you should avoid, particularly if you’re interested in optimizing your journey.

Cruises provide an excellent platform for exploring more of the world, forming new friendships and enjoying holistic recreation.

But sometimes that experience can be hampered by the smallest of errors.

And according to Tammy, there are two in particular that guests should desperately try and steer clear of.

The first of those is wearing your room key around your neck – especially when you’re on land.

Tammy says there are two very important reasons for this.

“First, I see many passengers using the room keys dangling from their necks to flaunt their cruise loyalty status. It just looks pretentious, she told Business Insider.

“The sophisticated cruisers with the highest status, with the most days at sea, never show off their fancy room keys.

“That’s because they know the more important reason — safety.”

Tammy goes on to explain that the second reason you should never wear your room key around your neck is because it’s an invitation to get robbed.

“It screams, ‘I have money! Come and take it from me,'” she said.

The second error to try and avoid is getting the name of the ship wrong.

In this instance, however, many could be forgiven.

According to Tammy, cruise ships have genuine names and don’t start with “the”.

“For example, ‘Tomorrow I am embarking on Discovery Princess,’ or ‘I enjoyed scenic cruising on MS Westerdam'”, she said.

“If you want to look like a savvy sailor, learn to drop the ‘the!'”.

While it may not seem like the most pressing matter, it is certainly something to bare in mind when talking to the most prestige of cruise enthusiasts.

Elsewhere, another cruise ship worker has revealed the same mistakes new passengers make which always leave the crew fuming.

Birmingham native Lucy Southerton, 28, frequently offers tips on how guests and other crew members can make the most of their time onboard.

In a recent YouTube video, she discussed some of the most typical mistakes that beginner “cruisers” make and how to prevent them.

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