Cruise Guest Laments over Key Etiquette Mistake Frequently Committed by Large Groups Onboard

Cruise ships often have more than 15 decks so guests may want to take the lift rather than the stairs if they’re travelling a long way up.

A cruise passenger wrote on Reddit: “So far, I’ve not been on a ship where the elevators are not jammed during certain times.”

They said the ship’s small elevators seemed like they were often packed with people and weren’t an adequate size.

Another guest said they thought the issue was often caused by people not knowing how the lifts worked.

They said: “A lot of people didn’t seem to be aware of how they worked, even several days into the cruise.

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“Gaggles of people would just jump on the next open elevator when they weren’t the ones who called it to the floor, and it wasn’t going to their desired floor.

“Then they would jab at the touch screen inside the elevator to try to make it go where they wanted.”

Many cruise ships have a lift system where people press the button for their desired floor before entering the elevator.

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A lift is then called for that person and should take them directly to their destination without the need of pushing the button inside.

However, guests who are not familiar with the setup may end up in the incorrect elevator, which could disrupt the entire operation.

A visitor commented, “The stairs are always a reliable choice. Plus, they help burn a tad bit of the extra calories we all tend to consume.”

Another individual chimed in, “Just a tad bit? If you remain consistent with using the stairs, it can turn into a significant exercise routine.

“Being a naturally early bird, I would easily do 10,000 steps daily, a good portion of those being on the stairs. This really helped me get to know the ship better and alleviated that familiar feeling of being trapped on a vessel in the middle of the sea.”

Taking the stairs could help guests to get to know the ship a little better and find new areas that they might otherwise have missed.

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