Seabourn Odyssey: Nanaimo’s First Cruise Ship Docking Since 2019

The Port of Nanaimo celebrated the arrival of the Seabourn Odyssey on May 9, 2024, the first cruise ship to dock in the city since 2019, according to a press release.

From 8 AM to 6 PM, more than 350 passengers disembarked to explore Nanaimo, taking advantage of the hop-on hop-off shuttle service provided by Wilson’s Transportation Company. The city was alive with visitors eager to experience its natural beauty and community spirit.

“Our city was abuzz with the energy of our visitors, who were thrilled to experience the unique charm of Nanaimo,” said Andrea Thomas, Manager of Engagement, Content, and Cruise Development at the Port of Nanaimo. “The exceptional weather added to the perfect day for the cruise ship’s passengers and crew.”

Tourism Nanaimo Ambassadors welcomed passengers with the iconic Nanaimo Bars, offering a taste of local culture, and provided maps and information about the city’s attractions. Some guests ventured to Say Sut Shun Island, returning with stories of scenic beauty and unforgettable experiences.

Steve Earnshaw and his team at Experience Destinations led passengers on various excursions, including visits to Yellowpoint Cranberry Farm with a gallery walk and city sights, Cathedral Grove, and Coombs Market. Additionally, cruise passengers explored the city on new e-bike rentals.

The day also featured a special exchange between port officials and the ship’s captain. Ian Marr, President and CEO, and Captain Satinder Singh, VP of Operations and Harbour Master, boarded the Seabourn Odyssey to present a commemorative plaque to the ship’s captain, celebrating the Odyssey’s inaugural visit to Nanaimo.

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