Tourist Claims Cruise Ports ‘Too Crowded’ Causing Division Among Guests

Cruise holidays usually stop at several ports as part of the itinerary and passengers are given a day or two to explore.

However, for some passengers, the holiday is all about the ship. One Reddit user said: “What’s the point of going on a cruise and not even getting off at the ports?”

They said they were feeling “frustrated” as they were going on a cruise with their wife and her family and none of them wanted to get off at the ports.

The user added: “I know that some boats have water parks and stuff, but I could go to an actual water park and hotel for way cheaper combined than a cruise alone.”

But the guest didn’t get much sympathy online with most people saying that they could see why his family wanted to stay on the ship.

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One guest said: “I guess it depends on the person, but I usually go on a cruise for the ship. The ports are just a bonus.

“Plus, most of the cruise ports are too crowded and too touristy for me. The ship is less crowded and there are some things like hanging out in the pool that are much easier to do on a port day.”

The ship is usually much less crowded on a port day as the majority of guests will get off. That means the pool and other facilities may have fewer crowds.

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Another passenger said: “There are many many people who cruise and choose not to get off at certain ports or any ports at all.

“There are many activities to enjoy on the ship and some people just enjoy the cruise itself. You don’t get to decide what’s fun for other people.”

If you’re planning to spend a lot of time on the ship, it might be a good idea to book a larger ship with lots of facilities.

One passenger said: “I like to cruise because there is minimal planning and decision-making. Hungry?

“There is food everywhere. Bored? There are activities. Want to lay by the pool and drink yourself stupid? Go right ahead.”

For some people, a cruise holiday is all about relaxing and they don’t want to get off the ship to explore.

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