Global Cruise Tour Reaches Guam with 1,542 Passengers and Crew Aboard

The MS Artania cruise ship makes its port of call at Guam’s Port Authority at 7:30 a.m. On Sunday, February 25, 2024, with a guest and crew count of 1,542, and is scheduled for departure at 9 p.m.

The passengers of the MS Artania are greeted with shell leis upon docking at the Port Authority of Guam on February 25, 2026, marking the beginning of their exploration of Guam’s unique beauty and warm hospitality.

The arrival of the MS Artania marks the third cruise ship visit to Guam in 2024, carrying 1,542 passengers hailing from France and Germany and crew, as reported by the Port Authority of Guam and the Guam Visitors Bureau.

As part of the cruise ship’s five-month-long global journey, a stopover in Guam is included.

Close to 9,000 additional visitors have been brought to Guam by the MS Artania, and more cruise ships are slated to visit throughout 2024.

The MS Artania arrived at the Port Authority of Guam early Sunday morning, carrying 1,031 passengers and 511 crew members on board.

GVB greeted the passengers with shell leis and warm Hafa Adai greetings as they disembarked at the dock.

These passengers, primarily from France and Germany, embarked on the Artania in Germany for a five-month global tour. Their itinerary includes visits to at least 25 countries, including Pacific island nations such as the Marshall Islands, Chuuk, Saipan, and Guam.

The cruise ship was poised to leave the harbor at 9 p.m. on Sunday, thereby allowing its passengers ample time to discover and enjoy the scenic beauty and warm welcome of Guam.

The Port General Manager, Rory J. Respicio stated, “Successfully accommodating cruise ships like the MS Artania at The Port Authority of Guam, which is primarily engaged in the dispatch and acceptance of containerized cargo, demands extensive coordination and collaboration.”

He further emphasized the successful partnership between GVB, Inchcape Shipping Services who are the ship’s agent, the Guam Customs and Quarantine Agency, Customs and Border Protection, and the Port Authority of Guam.

“Each player executes an essential role that ensures seamless operations. This, in turn, facilitates a pleasant time for tourists, ultimately enriching Guam’s tourism industry and contributing to the local economy,” he concluded.

Additional possible cruise ship stops in Guam encompass the MS Asuka II on March 3, the MS Queen Elizabeth on March 21, the Le Soleal on March 24, the Carnival on April 8, the Seabourn on May 14 and Sept. 7, the Le Soleal on Oct. 8, the Carnival on Oct. 22, and the MS Asuka II on Dec. 30.

The MS Artania’s visit takes place a mere week after the MS Zuiderdam ferried 1,920 passengers and crew to Guam on Feb. 18.

Prior to that, the MSC Bellissima made a stop at Guam, carrying 5,494 passengers and personnel.

Respicio expressed that the surge of passengers on board cruise vessels significantly contributes to the tourism industry on Guam, and emphasizes Guam as a prime luxury cruise destination.

Haidee Eugenio Gilbert is managing editor for the Pacific Daily News. You can reach her at

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