Heroic Rescue at Sea: Crew of Icon of the Seas Cruise Ship Saves 14 Stranded Persons

The staff on the Icon of the Seas, the biggest cruise ship in the world, aided in the rescue of 14 individuals who were stuck on a minor boat earlier this week, according to authorities.

A spokesperson for Royal Caribbean stated that the ship encountered a small boat, adrift and in need of help, on Sunday.

“The vessel’s crew promptly initiated a rescue mission, and successfully brought 14 people safely on board,” stated the representative. “They were given medical care by the staff, who are also communicating extensively with the U.S. Coast Guard.”

The spring which started from Miami was enroute Honduras when the rescue took place, as per the customers’ reports. They managed to record videos of the staff using a smaller boat to transport the people to the safety of the cruise ship.

The crew blasted “Code Oscar, Code Oscar, Code Oscar,” over the ship’s communication system, recounted Alessandra Amodio via a report on FoxWeather.com. Amodio observed as individuals on the small vessel signaled for help with a large white banner.

Post-rescue, the cruise ship’s captain announced to everyone that they had successfully saved 14 individuals who had been stranded in the open ocean for eight days, Amodio added.

The remarkable Icon of the Seas features 18 tiers and six water slides, and is built to house over 5,500 guests. It is equipped with 2,850 accommodations and has seven swimming areas.

The gigantic ship stretches 1,198 feet in length, clearly outshadowing the Titanic which measured at 882.9 feet. The Icon of the Seas embarked on its premiere journey on January 27 from Miami, as reported by TODAY.com.

This story first appeared on NBCNews.com. More from NBC News:

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