Travel Alert: U.S. Warns Against Travel to Popular Caribbean Cruise Destination

In a warning to travelers, the State Department urges people to not visit the Caribbean nation of Haiti, leaving the Travel Advisory at level four to discourage travel.

“Do not travel to Haiti,” the Port-au-Prince U.S. Embassy said in a press release issued Sunday. “The current security situation in Haiti is unpredictable and dangerous. We are aware that there are few or no commercial options to depart Haiti safely at this time. As they become available, we urge U.S. citizens to take advantage of them.”

Along with Haiti, other level four countries where Americans are discouraged from traveling to are North Korea, Russia, Venezuela, Ukraine, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria, according to the State Department. To the east of Haiti is the Dominican Republic, which shares the same island. The Dominican Republic is under a level two advisory, which has urged travelers to take increased caution since June 23, 2023.

American travelers in Haiti are advised to avoid crowds, avoid being outside after dark, prepare to shelter in place, keep a low profile and be aware of their surroundings, the U.S. Embassy said.

Warring gangs have coordinated attacks on Haiti’s government, including political buildings and police departments. ABC News reported on Monday. One of the more prominent gang leaders, Jimmy Chérizier, aka “Barbecue,” even told Haiti’s acting Prime Minister Ariel Henry to step down for the violence to temporarily pause.

“The first step is to overthrow Ariel Henry and then we will start the real fight against the current system, the system of corrupt oligarchs and corrupt traditional politicians,” Chérizier told the news network in a video call. “Not only are we fighting against Ariel Henry, but we are also fighting against everyone who has some complicity.”

Henry took power in the wake of President Jovenel Moïse’s assassination in 2021, ABC reported. In the years since, Henry has wanted to introduce proper elections but paused due to security concerns before landing on August 2025 to hold elections.

Amidst this violent political struggle, Royal Caribbean ships continue to call into Ladabee, about a six-hour drive away from Port-au-Prince, CNN reported. Despite Ladabee’s continued use, the company also monitors the situation on the ground while visitors do not leave the resort.

“The safety of our guests and crew is our top priority. Our global security teams are closely monitoring the situation in the area. At all times, we remind guests to remain aware of their surroundings while ashore and follow all State Department guidelines. Should any changes be required, guests will be notified directly,” a Royal Caribbean spokesperson told CNN.

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