Potential Shortening of Santa Barbara Cruise Ship Schedule Following Months of Deliberation

<p>SANTA BARBARA, Calif. – The sighting of the Discovery Princess cruise ship early today in Santa Barbara prompts a recollection of the ongoing discussion over the previous months to alter the ship’s future itinerary.</p> <p>A subcommittee of the Harbor Commission has convened meetings with representatives from the cruise ship industry, environmental activists, and tourism chiefs following grievances citing an excessive number of stopovers. Last year saw 30 stopovers, and concerns varied from potential marine environmental damage to the fluctuating economic benefits. </p> <p>The commission recently suggested a cap of 20 cruise ship stopovers annually, enhanced waste water management systems, and reduced speeds to the city council. The council is set to deliberate on these proposals in a forthcoming session.</p> <p>Compared to last year, this year’s spring timetable seems less busy. The Discovery Princess docked today at daybreak and departed at 3:30 in the afternoon.</p>

In April, three more cruise ships are slated to dock, carrying passengers who are excited to disembark and explore. This completes the spring lineup of cruises, with services set to resume in the Fall. However, the city has yet to publish the ship calendar.

The responsibility of coordinating the arrivals of these passengers lies with the Waterfront Department. They work under stringent security measures, with police units positioned on site for the entirety of the day.

Additionally, a dedicated table is set up for dispensing tourist information. It’s here where visitors can access guides, maps, and coupons to facilitate their travels.

A specific area on Cabrillo Boulevard is cordoned off on these days for sightseeing shuttles.

For some of the passengers, especially those in California, this type of stop introduces them to the area, and they are encouraged to come back for a longer stay in the future.

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