Avoiding ‘Disgusting’ Buffet Food on Cruise Ships: A Warning to Passengers

Cruise ship passengers have been cautioned regarding ‘disgusting’ food items to steer clear of at the buffet. Those who have a penchant for cruises have voiced concerns about some unpleasant food you might encounter at the communal dining on a cruise, labeling some of it as ‘disgusting’.

This advice comes in handy as the buffet forms a significant part of the vacation and is generally included free in all-inclusive packages.

On Reddit, seasoned cruisers provided their best advice for dining at the buffet. One individual recommended avoiding food that has been left out for extended periods.

They suggested: “Refrain from picking the undercooked bacon from the serving line, instead ask for the well-cooked crispy bacon, they usually have a stash of it kept behind the counter.”

Another person on Reddit said it’s better to get fresh scrambled eggs made at the omelette station than the pre-made ones. They explained: “If the scrambled eggs look disgusting on the line because they’re too wet or you don’t like powdered eggs, ask the omelette station to make dry scrambled eggs.”, reports the Mirror.

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Someone else who loves omelettes at sea said: “They can add cheese/tomato/ham etc. in your scrambled eggs, plus the eggs are fresh and not powdered.”

Even if you feel like you must accept what’s on offer at the buffet, you may be able to request specific dishes. According to advice from one Reddit user: “If you don’t see something you want, ask for it. My eldest eats plain yoghurt every day for breakfast. She asked and the head server made sure a bowl was waiting each morning for the rest of the cruise.”

Cruising can get a bit monotonous after several days, especially with the same meals on repeat. If you find this happening, don’t hesitate to add a personal touch to your meals.

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For instance, you could make a simple affogato aboard ship by dipping soft-serve or regular ice cream into your hot coffee. Feel free to drench desserts such as brownies and cakes in this delightful combination.

If burgers are available on your cruise, you can customise them to suit your taste too. One cruiser revealed: “This should be obvious to some but you’re allowed to customise your burger. You can ask for bacon, double patties, extra cheese, etc. A lot of people just ordered regular burgers and didn’t know they could customise them until they saw us do it.”

It has been noted that selection from the salad and antipasti buffet can be included in dishes custom-made at chef stations. Someone mentioned, “My spouse is fond of adding artichokes from the salad counter to his pizza!”.

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Another individual highlighted, “The possibilities are limitless! I have added artichokes to pasta previously.”

A third passenger commented, “I would collect my preferred items from the salad counter and request them to use it for stir-fry. The best one I had was on New Year’s day where I combined fries from the sandwich counter, cheese from the buffet, and gravy from the carving station, thus creating a cruise ship poutine.”

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