Positive Polar Set to Launch New Cruise Line Utilizing Former SunStone Ship

Positive Polar is starting a new expedition cruise line. During a press convention held earlier this week in Miami, the company revealed plans to focus on sustainability, with a product that combines cruising and science.

Positive Polar aims to transform “travel shame” into “travel pride,” the company said in a press release, offering cruises that will also “help to heal the planet.”

Guests will have the opportunity to contribute and be part of onboard research, which aims to boost the natural cycle with the Biological Carbon Pump (BCP).

It will be possible to have direct collaboration on science projects, Polar Positive added. Guests will also be able to participate in lectures related to climate restoration and various other topics of interest that will offer a unique opportunity for guests to personally take part in the company’s goals.

Polar Positive’s initial focus will be on whale restoration, a key part of the BCP, with intended actions to improve biomass, biodiversity, and aid in climate restoration, as the BCP naturally sequesters carbon.

The introduction of science as an integral part of the product helps the brand set itself apart from the competition, Polar Positive said.

The company is set to operate a former SunStone Ships vessel, as confirmed by co-founder Jennifer Bonilla.

“Excited to be under contract for a special SunStone Ships ship that will be given an expanded purpose beyond exceptional passenger experience,” she said in a social media post.

“Let’s do meaningful science from this incredible ship,” Bonilla added.

Polar Positive’s leadership team also includes founder and CEO Hugo Hinrichsen, in addition to an advisory board featuring former director of cruise expeditions Hans Lagerweij; ecologist and marine biologist Matthew Savoca; environmental advocate and artist Nikki Baxendale; and more.

The company’s newly acquired ship is expected to undergo significant refurbishment, with interiors being renovated by Tomas Tillberg Design.

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