Emmerdale Shock: Kerry Wyatt Haunted by Past Cruise Ship Scam Returns

KERRY Wyatt is set to be left shell shocked after her involvement in a ‘cruise ship scam’ comes back to haunt her.

Fans of ITV soap opera Emmerdale have loved having Laura Norton back on screen as Kerry Wyatt ever since she turned up in the Dales dressed as Cher.

Having been away for over a year, her friends and family were shocked to discover that her job aboard the cruise ship she was working on was actually as a Cher tribute act.

But Kerry appeared to be hiding a secret about her time on the ship after she was accused of stealing cash and thousands of pounds worth of expensive jewellery from the boat.

Viewers have been witnessing Kerry dodging mysterious phone calls from someone who seems to be after something that Kerry has taken.

To deplete the huge sum of cash, Kerry has been joyfully spending on luxury shoes, bags and other incredibly expensive items.

Concealing the fact that she received a compensation payout, everyone around her is under the belief that Kerry has stumbled upon a fortune.

With the money she has, Kerry reassured that she would pay for her daughter Amy’s wedding to Matty.

Kerry shared her willingness to shoulder the expenses for hiring the venue through Kim Tate, along with the additional cost of hiring wedding planner Suzy to manage the intricate details.

In the forthcoming sequences, viewers of Emmerdale will witness Kerry’s financial predicaments, which eventually turn into a nightmare and cause ripple effects throughout the village.

Recognizing that she lacks the money to fund the grand occasion, Kerry understands she has to let go of the precious diamond necklace she got from the ship.

She hopes that the total worth of the necklace will provide her the necessary amount to remunerate Kim and Suzy for their efforts.

With Kerry off addressing the issue, wedding rehearsals commence. However, Kim finds it hard to merely observe without receiving her due payment.

She promptly asserts the necessity of an upfront payment.

Unfortunately for Kerry, she receives the shocking revelation that the necklace holds no significant value, ending up with barely any extra cash.

When it becomes apparent that she can’t meet the wedding expenses, Kerry realizes that she has to confess.

The next day, on the morning of the wedding, Kerry confesses all and soon the wedding is cancelled.

Matty is left shocked to learn that he won’t be getting married after all.

Despite this, a mystery call on Leyla’s phone changes everything as she announces that the wedding is back on right at the last moment.

But just who phoned Leyla and stumped up the cash?

And should Kerry be left worried that her problems are set to spiral even further?

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