11 Essential Tips for Solo Female Travelers Looking for Romance on a Cruise

Travel is the ultimate aphrodisiac — and that certainly includes cruising. Unlocking the best singles cruises to hook up on and booking one for yourself is only one piece to the puzzle, but what about when you’re finally onboard?

When you’re on a cruise and wanting to be intimate with a stranger consensually, embrace all the good vibes that come from breaking away from your daily grind and turn that freedom into some spontaneous cruise fun.

The stigma around casual sex is undeniable, especially for female-identifying individuals, but when done safely, it can create some unforgettable mental souvenirs. Here are our 11 tips for hooking up on a cruise as a solo female traveler so you can have safe, casual and fun sex on your next voyage.

1. Set Minimal Expectations When Hooking Up on a Cruise

If you set realistic expectations and ignore societal judgments, hooking up on a cruise doesn’t need to be fraught with regret and stigma. Remember that a one-night stand is just a promise of one intimate moment, so hoping for a relationship isn’t realistic. Embrace it for what it is: a single encounter.

2. Know Your Own Personal Motivations for Cruise Ship Hookups

“People hook up for different reasons, and your motivations on a cruise may vary night to night,” says Dr. Juliana Hauser, a marriage and family therapist. Understand your reasons so you can set clear boundaries for yourself and potential partners. “Are you interested in just one night? Are you looking to try a new sexual experience? Feeling an emotional connection you’d like to extend? Seeking anonymity to explore a different side of yourself?” she asks.

“Knowing your ‘why’ can help establish boundaries that keep you safer, create a mutually enjoyable experience, and enrich your travel journey.”

3. Leverage Dating Apps to Fulfill Your Desires

Dating apps can help you connect with fellow travelers and arrange cruise ship hookups. Adjust your location before the trip and clarify your intentions in your profile. With Tinder Plus, you can browse profiles globally. Prioritize safety by informing a friend about your date and sharing your location through apps like Life360.

4. Have the Tough But Necessary Conversations Beforehand

Let’s be honest: Not everything about sex is glamorous, and everyone has a sexual past. Before hooking up on a cruise, it’s essential to have an honest conversation. Discuss important topics like consent, boundaries, STI status and safer sex practices.

Being transparent from the start saves confusion later. These conversations might feel awkward, but if you’re planning to have sex, open communication is essential.

5. Be Cautious When Hooking Up on a Cruise

Accountability is key, especially when you’re flying solo. You don’t need to be glued to your phone, but setting up regular check-ins is smart. Send a quick text, make a call, or drop an email to let someone know you’re okay. Before heading out for a hookup, message a friend back home. If they don’t hear from you by a specific time, they’ll know when to start worrying.

Also have the layout of the ship memorized the best you can and always know where the nearest medical center, guest services, security and other more public areas are for your own safety. Familiarize yourself of what to do when an emergency or a criminal act occurs onboard.

6. Be Mindful of Alcohol Consumption

When drinking with unfamiliar companions, it’s essential to stay cautious about both your alcohol consumption and the safety of your drink. This is especially important when meeting someone new, as excessive drinking can increase your vulnerability. Be mindful of your limits and stick to them to stay safe and in control.

If a bartender or server doesn’t hand you a drink directly, don’t accept it. Sexual assault is a harsh reality, whether at home or abroad. Estimating the prevalence of spiking is difficult, as many hesitate to seek help due to stigma, shame, and insecurity, but it’s much better to be safe than sorry.

7. Stay Safe Both Before and During Cruise Ship Hookups and Trust Your Gut

Trust your instincts. If something feels off, it probably is. While stepping out of your comfort zone is fine, never stay in a strange or unsafe situation just to avoid upsetting someone. Personal safety is crucial. Stay cautious, but don’t let fear hinder your fun on a cruise. Whether exploring onboard or at port, remain alert. Not everyone is a threat, but it’s wise to stay vigilant.

8. Use Protection When Hooking Up on a Cruise

Make sure to prioritize the use of barrier methods such as gloves, condoms, dental dams and finger cots for protection, safeguarding against both pregnancy and the transmission of STIs and HIV.

In casual cruise ship hookups, you lack insight into the other person’s sexual history. Don’t let one night of unprotected sex alter your life trajectory. Stay safe and take charge of your health. Here are Planned Parenthood’s recommendations for safer sex practices.

9. Don’t Be Shy — Speak Up for Your Pleasure

“Your pleasure is paramount in every sexual encounter, regardless of its nature,” emphasizes psychosexual therapist Gigi Engle. “There’s often a societal expectation, particularly for individuals raised as female, that we’re primarily responsible for our partner’s pleasure, while our orgasm doesn’t matter. If we have one, cool, but if not — that’s okay. It’s really not okay.”

Engle advises openly communicating with your partner about your preferences, even demonstrating when necessary. “If your partner isn’t receptive to feedback or ignores your needs, it’s best to walk away,” she emphasizes. “Don’t settle for ‘just getting through it.'” Every sexual encounter should leave you feeling satisfied and emotionally supported. Trust your instincts and prioritize your well-being.

10. Let Go of Any Guilt You Might Feel

Our society is rife with stigma and shame when it comes to sex and promiscuity. “So many individuals experience sexual shame due to various factors: familial or religious beliefs, or simply the silence and lack of sex education,” explains Erica Smith, M.Ed., a Philadelphia-based sex educator. “What better occasion to challenge and discard some of these ingrained belief systems than when traveling? Travel opens doors to new and exciting experiences, providing a genuine opportunity for self-exploration in this realm.”

11. Try Booking a Singles Cruise

Solo female cruisers looking for hookups should book a singles cruise. These cruises are all about bringing fun, like-minded people together in a safe environment geared toward socializing. With events and activities tailored for singles, it’s the perfect setting to meet new people and spark some exciting connections.

Opt for a shorter three- to four-day cruise on major cruise lines for a youthful vibe. Weekender cruises are perfect for mingling and meeting new people. Be mindful of timing — school vacations and spring break can affect the crowd.

If you’re a solo female looking to hook up, the following cruise lines have got you covered. Carnival cruises in the Caribbean are a blast, famous for their lively spring break vibe. For a more sophisticated, adults-only experience, Virgin Voyages is the way to go — perfect for mingling with like-minded adults in a chic setting. And if you’re ready to splurge a bit, Azamara is totally worth it with their solo-traveler meetups, making it super easy to connect with others looking for some fun.

Cruise Critic’s solo traveler message board offers helpful tips and insights for those sailing alone.

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