Amera Set to Restart Services Following Drydock Delay

Phoenix Reisen’s Amera is set to resume service following a two-month delay to a major refurbishment and modernization project.

After spending several months at a shipyard in Poland, the 1988-guest vessel is now ready to welcome guests back on Feb. 25 as the Amera is set to take the passengers currently sailing onboard the Celestyal Journey.

Chartered to Phoenix Reisen, the Celestyal Cruises vessel took over part of Amera’s 2023-24 World Cruise – which was scheduled to sail in December – when the ship’s drydock was first delayed.

After embarking the guests in the Canary Islands’ Las Palmas, the vessel is set to offer a revised itinerary across South America before resuming the original schedule of the global voyage.

According to Phoenix Reisen, the changes to the original route were necessary due to the geopolitical situation in the Red Sea, which the Amera would need to cross in order to offer the planned itinerary.

Instead, the ship is now sailing to various destinations in South America and the Atlantic Ocean, such as Mindelo and Praia, in Cape Verde; Recife and Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil; Buenos Aires, in Argentina; and Montevideo, in Uruguay.

The Amera is also visiting Chile and sailing around the Cape Horn before resuming its original itinerary in Peru in mid-April.

As part of the World Cruise’s original schedule, the vessel is set to visit additional destinations in South America, the Caribbean, North America and Northern Europe on its way to Germany.

After completing the world cruise in mid-May, the Amera is set to offer departures from the German port of Bremerhaven.

Originally built for Royal Viking Line as the Royal Viking Sun, the Amera was acquired by Phoenix Reisen in 2018.

During its recent drydock, the 834-guest ship underwent a major modernization project that included the replacement of its main engines, in addition to updates to electrical systems, propellers and machinery.

The ship also saw upgrades to its hotel facilities, with bathroom refurbishments in several passenger cabins, as well as new carpeting, upholstery and more.

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