Explora I Unveils Exciting New Entertainment Program

Explora Journeys is launching a new entertainment program aboard the Explora I beginning on July 5, according to a press release.

The fourteen-day program will feature a series of evening performances from international artists, interactive activities and exclusive events onboard.

A highlight of the program is the “’Digital Activities’” feature which allows guests to use special QR codes throughout the ship to access daily activities like Explora Journeys Trivia, Crosswords, Word Searches and more.

Additionally, guests can make musical requests directly to performers by scanning a QR code in the Astern Lounge during late-night gigs.

Steve Leatham, vice president of entertainment, Cruises Division, said: “We are thrilled to introduce more activities and performances, bringing each journey to life with color and variety. Our team will captivate younger guests in the Nautilus, with new activities and events enhancing this award-winning family program.”

Guests onboard the Explora I can also enjoy pop-up performances by the pool from musicians, performers and wellness teams, complete with snacks and beverages. Daily activities onboard will include Rituals, Daytime Sports, Interactive events and a new multi-day secret Murder Mystery game.

Evening choices include main-stage performances, lobby bar sessions, late-night wellness events and more.

In addition, Explora Journeys has welcomed new members to their leadership team with the additions of Ray Carr, Michael Langley and Keri Noble as entertainment managers. Travelers can expect one of these managers to lead the guest experience program on each journey this summer.

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